PRG provides machining services for any cylindrical component that requires material reduction and finishing. Specializing in roll journal and face machining, we have the capability to machine all types of materials -- in all sizes -- based on our lathe capabilities listing.

As an added service to you, we can also perform boring services on all our lathes, in addition to our traditional turning operations.

How Block Grinding Slashes Product Quality
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"We require immediate service to ensure our clients are prepared to meet demanding deadlines. PRG delivers quite the turnover. They do such a fantastic job that we continue to do business with them year after year. I would recommend them to anyone."
-- Jacques Beauchesne, Mill Manager, WHITE BIRCH PAPER -- BEAR ISLAND DIVISION
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Featured Case Study:

Steel and Pipe Company
The Problem - Steel and Pipe Supply Company has an excellent reputation for on-time delivery. Its multiple facilities, as well as unmatched size and vast inventory, often attract the largest and most demanding customers. In order to supply this demand, Steel and Pipe depends on its temper mill rolls to run effectively and efficiently – every roll must be ground to the tightest tolerances to yield the best quality products.
PRG's Solution -

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