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PRG has four facilities (located in PA, GA, KY and AR), and each one was constructed from the ground up for one purpose: roll grinding. The million-pound foundations for our grinders and lathes are built with shock-absorbing springs to provide the optimum vibration-free environment for precision roll finishing.

Each plant is equipped with Waldrich-Siegen grinders, widely recognized as the finest in the world. With PRG's grinding technology, a 120-ton roll, or a 60-ft. ship propeller shaft can be ground to tolerances as fine as 20 millionths of an inch -- that's over 100 times finer than the width of a human hair. The most experienced and dedicated roll grinding specialists in the world -- people who go through rigorous continuing education and training programs -- operate those grinders.

How Block Grinding Slashes Product Quality
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"Since we started working with PRG, we have greatly reduced our changeout frequency. Our rolls run longer than ever before, allowing me to better utilize maintenance personnel for other tasks."
-- Mike Umbarger, Roll Maintenance
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Featured Case Study:

Blue Ridge Paper Products, Inc.
The Problem - Blue Ridge faced troubles after a bad grinding experience with another supplier. As a result, production didn’t meet Blue Ridge’s standards of quality.
PRG's Solution -

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