To extend the life of your high-quality rolls, we recommend PRG Roll Armor®. Our expanded product line now contains even more ceramic and tungsten carbide coating options, allowing your rolls to maintain profile and surface finish for the longest possible time. Precision Roll Grinders Roll Armor gives you:

  • Higher product quality
  • Improved machine efficiency
  • Higher gloss
  • Better doctoring
  • Ability to deckle in and out
  • Higher resistance to corrosion
  • Higher resistance to barring
  • A protective solution for almost any application, including Breast Rolls, Wire Return Rolls, Guide Rolls, Forming Rolls, Suction Pickup, Transfer & Couch Rolls, Felt Rolls, Plain Size Press Rolls, Coater Guide Rolls, Dryer Felt Rolls, Gloss, Hard-Nip, Super & Soft Calender Rolls, King Rolls & Queen Rolls, Intermediate Rolls, All Variable Crown Rolls, Reel Drums and more...
How Block Grinding Slashes Product Quality
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"The folks at PRG are experts in scheduling and grinding. They always fit us in -- and they provide an immediate turn-around. They are great people to work with."
-- John Hopkins, #2 Paper Machine Superintendent, BOISE CASCADE, LLC
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