Dynamic Leak Testing

Prior to shipping and installation, we leak-test variable crown rolls, at temperature, using mill oil at mill operating speed. Many of our customers also trust us to repair and rebuild their variable crown rolls from top manufacturers like Kusters, Valmet, Metso, Beloit, Voith (Profil and Nipco), Hunt and Moscrop, and Farrel.

How Block Grinding Slashes Product Quality
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"We require immediate service to ensure our clients are prepared to meet demanding deadlines. PRG delivers quite the turnover. They do such a fantastic job that we continue to do business with them year after year. I would recommend them to anyone."
-- Jacques Beauchesne, Mill Manager, WHITE BIRCH PAPER -- BEAR ISLAND

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Featured Case Study:

UPM Blandin
The Problem - In 1989, Blandin started up their #6 paper machine line with two modern super calenders. Over time, barring created a wear pattern, leaving an impression on the finished sheets. At one point, the mill had to change chilled iron rolls every six weeks. The resulting downtime greatly affected productivity.
PRG's Solution -

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