PRG cleans all interior fluid passages to eliminate cold or hot spot potential caused by blockages. While performing this cleaning, we inspect for foreign material that may have built up in the passages or heads and could cause an out-of-balance condition. Oil- and water-heated rolls are internally cleaned -- either chemically or mechanically -- and tested. We also inspect for proper flow rates, utilizing both hydrostatic and flow tests.

How Block Grinding Slashes Product Quality
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"PRG's Roll Armor(SM) made a huge impact on our run-ability. We've seen a 1½% increase in throughput. That's a very substantial figure especially considering our level of volume!"
-- Dave Beadell, Production Specialist for
Super Calenders and Winders, UPM KYMMENE BLANDIN

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Featured Case Study:

NewPage Corporation
The Problem - For many years, NewPage’s Wickliffe, KY mill used different suppliers for roll repair and grinding services. The lack of consistency produced mixed results.
PRG's Solution -

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