Metal Industry Mill Rolls

Unlike many in-house grinding operations, PRG has the technology to grind the entire journal areas of each roll, as well as the barrel surface. Our craftsmen and specialized grinders can achieve less than 0.0001 TIR on roll bearing seats and setup spots, resulting in:

  • More finished stock from less raw metal
  • Longer life and productivity between regrind intervals
  • Less vibration to affect other machine areas
  • Lower maintenance costs and less downtime
How Block Grinding Slashes Product Quality
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"PRG delivers fast, is very professional and easy to work with. In one instance, PRG's final cost came in $5,000 less than quoted. And, PRG always follows up by email or a personal visit."
-- Tom Peters, Maintenance Manager, O'Sullivan Films
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Featured Case Study:

Lone Star Steel Company
The Problem - When the lone roll grinder at Lone Star Steel Company went down unexpectedly, there was really only one choice: call PRG. Fortunately, with a PRG facility just across the Arkansas border in Texarkana, that call was little more than a holler.
PRG's Solution -

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