Journal Repair and Fabrication

We'll make sure your journals and housings are NDT tested and inspected for tolerance and fits. We return out of tolerance fits to specifications by nickel plating, metal spray or sleeving. We'll even replace journals and housings in cases of extreme wear or damage.

How Block Grinding Slashes Product Quality
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"PRG's value to us goes above and beyond equipment life and saving money. Dorald is always here for me. He inspects rolls, troubleshoots and gives me all the information I need to make the right decisions. It means the world to me when a company is willing to modify its system to accommodate ours. I just can't say enough about how much PRG has helped our operation."
-- Robert Hickox, Production Manager,
NGC Industries
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Featured Case Study:

NewPage Corporation
The Problem - For many years, NewPage’s Wickliffe, KY mill used different suppliers for roll repair and grinding services. The lack of consistency produced mixed results.
PRG's Solution -

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