Metal Spraying

If you have a roll surface that needs to be restored (such as bearing fits or seal areas), PRG can apply metal alloy coating that gets the job done. Our metal spraying process is a unique two-step operation that begins first with a thorough bond coat, and is followed by a cosmetic top coat. The top coat is then carefully ground to match your specific tolerances.

How Block Grinding Slashes Product Quality
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"We have a great relationship with PRG. I generally don't offer testimonials, but PRG deserves proper recognition. I had to make an exception!"
-- Chris Stogbauer, Director of
Maintenance and Engineering, WAUSAU COATED PRODUCTS
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Featured Case Study:

NGC Industries
The Problem - Heavily used calender and wire return rolls showed wear bands shortly after regrinding — costing NGC a substantial amount of money in repeated regrinds, downtime and product quality. Two years ago, when Production Manager Robert Hickox discovered that NGC’s supplier was outsourcing his rolls, he decided to work directly with PRG.
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