Dynamic Balancing

PRG offers dynamic balancing for all rolls, rotors and drums. Our Schenck Horizontal Dynamic Balancing Machine (hard-bearing with permanent calibration) enables the precise simulation of in-plant operating conditions, and allows us to make fine-tuning adjustments to units prior to shipment from our plants.

Our dynamic balancing is done in accordance with ISO 1940/1 and ANSI S2.19 standards. We can balance any grade between G-0.4 to G-6.3.

PRG's Dynamic Balancing

Rotor Mass Limitations
Weight range for rotors in their own bearings,
mounted directly on the dynamometer:
400 - 160,000 lbs.
Rotor weight x speed (Wn2) for H80
Dynamometer not to exceed:
8880 x 106 lb/min2
Rotor polar moment of inertia x speed (Wk2n2)
not to exceed:
20,000 x 106 lb-ft2/min2
The (Wk2)n2 value is based on a 75 hp DC motor.
Instrumentation speed range:
120 - 3300 rpm
Maximum permissible roller speed: 6000 rpm
Rotor Dimensions:
Max. distance between support bearing centerlines:
Min. distance between support bearing centerlines:
555 inches
16 inches
Drive to Workpiece
Balancing speed over a 10" driven diameter based
on 1750 rpm base speed; infinitely variable
up to a maximum of:
Maximum surface speed:
835/1455/3060 rpm
8000 ft/min
How Block Grinding Slashes Product Quality
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"Since we started working with PRG, we have greatly reduced our changeout frequency. Our rolls run longer than ever before, allowing me to better utilize maintenance personnel for other tasks."
-- Mike Umbarger, Roll Maintenance
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