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Save $1M in Yearly Tire Production

Posted by Robert Rourke on Jun 27, 2017 9:00:00 AM


If you could save a million dollars by changing one facet of your tire production process, would you?

For product quality and safety, tires require rubber at a specific thickness. If rolls aren’t ground to the exact tolerances needed to achieve that sweet spot, or minimum thickness:

  • You’re using more material than necessary.
  • You’re losing money!

Why throw money away?

Many block grinders guarantee tolerances of only two-thousandths of an inch. If the manufactured rubber minimum thickness you’re looking to achieve is, for instance, a quarter inch, your product thickness is likely 0.252 inches or more.

It doesn’t sound like a lot. However, the cost of excess rubber adds up — to more than a million dollars a year! Precision Roll Grinders will help you achieve tighter tolerances.

Need Proof?

Let’s plug some numbers into this equation:

W x (S x 12 in/ft.) x (D x 1440 min/day) x C x PPI x (((T x 2) - PRGT) x 50%)


48in x (130 FPM x 12in/ft.) x (250 days x 1440 min/day) x $1.22 x .0433 lbs./in3 x (((.0010” x 2) - .0002”) x 50%) = $1,281,618 IN SAVINGS

Based on a 50% deviation of roll shape tolerance, your company could save over one million dollars simply by tightening tolerances.

The extra material from rolls with a two-thousandth-of-an-inch tolerance may be minimal. But it still isn’t free. Why not keep that material in your mixing tank until you actually need it? Precision Roll Grinders guarantees the tightest tolerances up to 0.0002 inches a factor of 10 reduction!

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