Does Your Manager Demand Higher Productivity And Greater Profitability?

Maybe Precision Roll Grinders Can Help

Every plant manager wants higher production yields at lower costs. In a perfect world, they wouldn’t have to demand it -- in a perfect world, 100% efficiency would be the case 100% of the time.

But it is not a perfect world, and this means that your plant manager or supervisor is most likely putting the pressure on you to increase your machines’ productivity and profitability.

Consider the following questions:

Is the cost of maintaining your rolls getting out of hand?
Have you sped up your equipment beyond the original design speed by 20, 30, 40% or more?
Are your rolls being ground at looser tolerances for some reason?
Does the original spec meet the current operational speed requirement?
Have you purchased equipment to reduce vibration, bearing and roll issues, but not invested in premier roll grinding?
Have you suffered from the high cost of running an in-house grinder?
Are your rolls ground on bearings?

If you said, “yes” to any, most or all of those questions, you’re in luck or in trouble. Either way, PRG wants to help you increase your mill’s productivity and profitability -- making your manager happy and taking some of the pressure off of you and your operators.

By outsourcing your roll grinding services to PRG, you get tighter tolerances, rounder rolls and more predictable roll changes.

With the tightest tolerances, you get more life and consistency out of your rolls.
With the roundest rolls, maintenance costs are greatly reduced.
With predictable roll changes, it’s easy for you to forecast exactly when you'll need to bring your line down for a change -- no more surprises due to an abrupt roll failure.

PRG is committed to providing you quality rolls that keep your production levels up and your maintenance expenses down. Head to our website for a variety of case studies that showcase the undeniable advantages of obtaining the best roll processing services for your facility.

To learn more about how Precision Roll Grinders helps you improve your operation by delivering fast, high-quality grinds for your company's equipment, visit PRG online.

How Block Grinding Slashes Product Quality
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"Consistent, quality grinds, emergency weekend service and remarkably quick turn-around times allow us to avoid unscheduled downtime. PRG has often said to us, 'If we work hard to make ALSCO METALS INCORPORATED's business successful, PRG will be successful as a result'."
-- Randy Lewis, Hot Mill Manager, ALSCO METALS INCORPORATED
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Featured Case Study:

Wausau Coated Products
The Problem - Wausau’s rolls require extremely tight tolerances to withstand elevated temperatures of 350° Fahrenheit. Under these conditions, the typical roll requires replacement after only six months. As a result, excessive downtime affected the mill’s productivity and profitability.
PRG's Solution -

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