7 Reasons To Choose PRG Over The OEM

When there is a problem with one of your rolls, where do you turn? It's a common industry myth the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is the best option. After all: they made it so they should know how to service it, right? WRONG!

The fact of the matter is: while the OEM may have manufactured the roll that keeps your production line running smoothly, in most cases, when it comes to maintaining and extending the life of that roll, they are far from the best option. Dedicated roll maintenance providers like PRG offer a number of significant service advantages over OEMs. We've compiled the following top 7 reasons that Precision Roll Grinders is your best option when it comes to roll repair, service and maintenance:

  1. Specialization
    OEMs are primarily in the business of building equipment, selling roll covers and/or parts. Providing roll grinding and maintenance is, at best, a secondary or tertiary service. PRG, on the other hand, is in the business of providing the quality roll repair, maintenance and service that extends the life of your rolls. It's what we do and we do it better than anyone!
  2. Technology
    PRG has the most advanced grinding technology in North America. With the continent's longest-running, single-party-owned roll maintenance facilities, we've taken the time to perfect our technology and techniques to provide you with the industry's tightest tolerance grinds. In contrast, OEM grind shops do not invest in the best grinding equipment and processes because it's not in their business model. Therefore, due to the equipment they use, most OEMs cannot provide roll profiles with the customer-requested results.
  3. Quality Assurance
    OEMs do not guarantee a roll to be free from chatter, feedlines and barring. When you service your rolls with PRG, however, we conduct a 24-point SpecCheck™ to ensure that your rolls are serviced according to your exact specifications. This industry-leading quality assurance process provides you with the roundest, most concentric rolls possible. As a result, we guarantee with confidence that every roll PRG services is free from the surface inconsistencies and variations that slow your production line and create sub-par finished product.
  4. Longer Roll Life
    Some OEMs choose not to re-chase grooves on press rolls. Why? Because OEMs are in the business of selling roll covers and they know that if they grind off all the grooves rather than re-grinding and re tracing the grooves, the roll will have to be recovered sooner. PRG, on the other hand, is much more interested in extending cover life, so we only grind off what is absolutely necessary.
  5. Turnaround Times
    OEMs simply cannot provide the fast turnaround times that PRG routinely offers. They typically focus on manufacturing and selling new roll covers and parts rather than upgrading their roll grinding and repair facilities to PRG standards. What's more, with our Expedited Roll Service option, when your production line goes down, we do whatever it takes to help you get it back up and running as fast as possible.
  6. Process
    Most OEM's do not recommend grinding rolls on bearings when the machine was built, yet their grinding shops solely practice this procedure because it's easier. Your working rolls run face to face and thus PRG grinds with bearings removed so that the nip is exactly as you specified. PRG prefers to make the extra effort necessary to eliminate inaccuracies and provide you with the tightest tolerance grinds possible. In comparison, the OEM's tolerances are typically 2 to 4 times looser than what PRG provides and what the specification requires.
  7. Third Party Verification
    Not only has PRG been recognized by OEMs as the industry's premier roll grinding service, but we also have extensive third-party verification that our grinds are superior; FPInnovations recently conducted a study that ranked PRG #1 in roundness, concentricity and surface uniformity among all North American roll grind providers.

To learn more about how PRG provides roll grinding, repair and maintenance services that surpass those of the Original Equipment Manufacturer, click here.

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"Since we started working with PRG, we have greatly reduced our changeout frequency. Our rolls run longer than ever before, allowing me to better utilize maintenance personnel for other tasks."
-- Mike Umbarger, Roll Maintenance
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