5 Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Rolls

Keeping your production line running smoothly is a key factor in maintaining your company's efficiency, productivity and quality output. Nothing slows a production line down faster than frequent roll maintenance and replacement. Not only does the downtime required for roll swapping slow down your production schedule, but the increased grinding costs of out-of-spec rolls can really add up and affect your bottom line.

We've compiled the following five tips to help you extend the life of your rolls, saving you money and guaranteeing consistent quality output.

  1. Concentricity -- Make sure that your rolls are truly round and concentric to the bearing seat prior to installation. Concentricity is the most important factor in preventing roll degradation.
  2. Profile & Spec Check -- Double check that your rolls are ground to the necessary specifications (or better) and that your grind profiles are exactly what you requested. Out-of-spec rolls can dramatically affect sheet quality and consistency.
  3. Barring & Feed Lines -- Inspect all the rolls in a multinip position to ensure that they are free of barring, feed lines and chatter. Even the slightest surface inconsistencies will increase exponentially at full operating speeds.
  4. Coatings -- Use coatings on all applicable rolls. Surface coatings like Roll Armor protect the surface of your rolls from wear and extend their production life, resulting in less frequent replacement requirements.
  5. Bearings & Bearing Seats -- Partner with a roll grinding provider who regularly inspects every roll's bearings and bearing seats, verifying and correcting (if necessary) the size, geometry and contact of the bearing seats.

For more tips on how to ensure quality grinding and extend the lifespan of your company's rolls, contact the experts at Precision Roll Grinders.

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"PRG's Roll Armor(SM) made a huge impact on our run-ability. We've seen a 1½% increase in throughput. That's a very substantial figure especially considering our level of volume!"
-- Dave Beadell, Production Specialist for Super Calenders and Winders, UPM
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