Investing In Precision Grinding 

Means Investing In OEM Certification

PRG meets all Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specs. Additionally, several OEMs certify us to work on their rolls. In fact, many of them outsource a lot of their work to our team, including complicated roll grinding, maintenance and repair jobs that they take on in-house.

What does this mean for you? Consider this: OEMs rely on PRG for grinding and service of large and complex rotational components for the steel, aluminum, paper, plastic and food industries, as well as for aircraft carriers and battleships. With big-ticket jobs like these, there's no room for error. So when you invest in PRG, rest easy knowing that you're on board for that precise-grade service required by OEMs.

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"We have a great relationship with PRG. I generally don't offer testimonials, but PRG deserves proper recognition. I had to make an exception!"
-- Chris Stogbauer, Director of
Maintenance and Engineering, WAUSAU
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Featured Case Study:

UPM Blandin
The Problem - In 1989, Blandin started up their #6 paper machine line with two modern super calenders. Over time, barring created a wear pattern, leaving an impression on the finished sheets. At one point, the mill had to change chilled iron rolls every six weeks. The resulting downtime greatly affected productivity.
PRG's Solution -

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