Investing In Precision Grinding 

Means Investing In Clear Pricing 

Nothing is more frustrating than a confusing invoicing process, and the market is rife with confusion. That's why PRG is determined to be a refreshing dose of pricing clarity. From roll grinding to maintenance and repair, you'll never be in the dark – because when it comes to your bottom line, all pricing should be clear as day.

Sometimes, estimates change based on new information from you or your customers. If we discuss a modification to our initial estimate, your updated price is sent to you upon your request within 24 hours of your approval of the change -- never longer. That way, you can immediately adjust your purchase order, and you'll never have to worry about receiving an invoice that doesn't match.

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"Since we started working with PRG, we have greatly reduced our changeout frequency. Our rolls run longer than ever before, allowing me to better utilize maintenance personnel for other tasks."
-- Mike Umbarger, Roll Maintenance
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Featured Case Study:

NGC Industries
The Problem - Heavily used calender and wire return rolls showed wear bands shortly after regrinding — costing NGC a substantial amount of money in repeated regrinds, downtime and product quality. Two years ago, when Production Manager Robert Hickox discovered that NGC’s supplier was outsourcing his rolls, he decided to work directly with PRG.
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