Investing In Precision Grinding 

Means Investing In Profitability 

It's a simple concept: better rolls = higher profits. And PRG's roll grinding services are designed to give you the best possible rolls, with features like:

Tighter tolerances: we can grind your rolls to the tightest tolerances, which gives them more life and more consistency. Most grinding companies (including many OEMs) simply cannot meet OEM specs.

Rounder rolls: all rolls are supposed to be round (and may even appear round to the naked eye) but their measurements often tell a different story. Our rolls are truly round, and that reduces maintenance costs in the long run.

Predictable roll changes: the quality of our rolls makes it easy for you to forecast exactly when you'll need to bring your line down for a change, so you can plan your schedule accordingly -- no more being surprised when a roll abruptly fails.

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"Consistent, quality grinds, emergency weekend service and remarkably quick turn-around times allow us to avoid unscheduled downtime. PRG has often said to us, 'If we work hard to make ALSCO METALS INCORPORATED's business successful, PRG will be successful as a result'."
-- Randy Lewis, Hot Mill Manager, ALSCO METALS INCORPORATED
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Featured Case Study:

White Birch Paper Bear Island Division
The Problem - One year ago, Bear Island Paper faced an internal emergency. In order to avoid a total shut-down, the mill needed six rolls serviced within a couple of weeks.
PRG's Solution -

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