Investing In Precision Grinding 

Means Investing In Quick Roll Service 

Let's say your line goes down... and you're out of spare rolls. Chances are, you didn't expect this situation. Needless to say, you need to get your line up and running as soon as possible. For times like these, we offer Expedited Roll Service – for the production line that bounces back with efficient agility. 

PRG has four locations, strategically positioned across the United States to offer you the shortest possible timeframe for roll service. Tell us when you need your line back, and we'll do what it takes to make it happen -- without skimping on the precision grinding and roll quality we're known for.

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What Do The Roundest Rolls, Turbines or Shafts Mean For Your Profitability?

Round = Increased Roll Life

Quality In Control

Protect and prolong the productivity and efficiency of your equipment beyond all expectations with the industry’s most comprehensive quality control process.

Round = Reduced Production Downtime

Precision In Performance

Keep your equipment up and running smoother and longer than the competition with the industry’s tightest tolerances. PRG measures success down to 20 millionths of an inch.

Round = Improved Process Efficiency

Profitability In Production

Perfect your production process with PRG, creating a more uniform product yield and delivering efficiencies and driving profitability beyond all expectations.

  • Increased Roll Life
  • Reduced Production Downtime
  • Improved Process Efficiency

PRG is the Premier Large Roll & Cylindrical Shaft Grinding Company in the Western Hemisphere.
Our Services Improve the Precision and Profitability of Critical Manufacturing, Industrial and Power Generation Processes.

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