Investing In Precision Grinding 

Means Investing In Quick Roll Service 

Let's say your line goes down... and you're out of spare rolls. Chances are, you didn't expect this situation. Needless to say, you need to get your line up and running as soon as possible. For times like these, we offer Expedited Roll Service – for the production line that bounces back with efficient agility. 

PRG has four locations, strategically positioned across the United States to offer you the shortest possible timeframe for roll service. Tell us when you need your line back, and we'll do what it takes to make it happen -- without skimping on the precision grinding and roll quality we're known for.

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"PRG's Roll Armor(SM) made a huge impact on our run-ability. We've seen a 1½% increase in throughput. That's a very substantial figure especially considering our level of volume!"
-- Dave Beadell, Production Specialist for
Super Calenders and Winders, UPM
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Featured Case Study:

Steel and Pipe Company
The Problem - Steel and Pipe Supply Company has an excellent reputation for on-time delivery. Its multiple facilities, as well as unmatched size and vast inventory, often attract the largest and most demanding customers. In order to supply this demand, Steel and Pipe depends on its temper mill rolls to run effectively and efficiently – every roll must be ground to the tightest tolerances to yield the best quality products.
PRG's Solution -

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