Investing With PRG

Means Investing In Precision Grinding 

Your rolls are the organs in your production line – breathing excellence into your product, driving your business forward and keeping customers coming back for more. But when production goes down for roll maintenance or emergency repairs, this energy is clamped. With each tick-tock of downtime, your company takes a hit: Costs inflate, deadlines get pushed, customers are disappointed and your reputation suffers.

Investing with PRG means investing in precision grinding.

We're committed to providing you quality rolls that keep runtime up, maintenance expenses down and your production line yielding the highest quality product on the market.

See how precision grinding sharpens your company's competitive edge:

» Increased Profitability
» Instant Price Provider
» Expedited Roll Service
» OEM Certified

How Block Grinding Slashes Product Quality
7 Roll Maintenance Tips To Increase Your Oil Crush Mill's Production Efficiency. Download My Free Tip Sheet


"I highly recommend Precision Roll Grinders. They gave us the exact dimensions and specifications that we requested -- delivered on time and completely wrapped. The people at PRG were knowledgeable, responsive and easy to work with. They even encouraged us to contact them on weekends. If I had another roll grinding emergency, I would insist on using PRG, even if I had to send my rolls much farther!"
-- Kenny Wilson, Rolling Mill Superintendent, LONE STAR STEEL COMPANY
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Featured Case Study:

JSW Steel
The Problem - When the grinder or lathe goes down, Jindal United Steel Corporation, a division of JSW, must act quickly to avoid excessive downtime in the production area. Prior to engaging PRG, the mill was forced to use a distant supplier who provided a service that barely met mill standards – causing production delays and occasionally even the need to stop the production process.
PRG's Solution -

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