Tight Tolerance Examples

PRG's roll tolerances are the tightest in the industry. Here are some examples of shapes we've achieved to tolerances of plus and minus 20 millionths of an inch (that's a tiny fraction of the width of a human hair!):

Straight cylinders
Special profiles

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"The folks at PRG are experts in scheduling and grinding. They always fit us in -- and they provide an immediate turn-around. They are great people to work with."
-- John Hopkins, #2 Paper Machine Superintendent, BOISE CASCADE, LLC
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Featured Case Study:

The Problem - For several years, Kellogg's has commissioned PRG to grind a variety of rolls. Over the July 4th holiday, the Lancaster plant faced a unique emergency. An anvil roll was producing inconsistent sheets which put the process equipment at risk of severe damage and, subsequently, produced an inferior product. Internal engineers suspected that the roll was out-of-round, but they had no concrete proof. Additionally, the plant did not have any drawings for this one-of-a-kind roll, making matters more complicated for determining a clear solution.
PRG's Solution -

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