Variable Crown (VC) Roll Rebuilds

PRG Variable Crown inspection/rebuild services available:

Inspect visually
Perform leak test
Inspect internals
Reassemble and leak test (static)
Dynamic leak testing
Record profiles at operating temperature
Longitudinal sealing rails and back spring
I.D. of shell
End seals, sealing disc, and springs
Head sealing plugs
Radial seals
Concentricity of main bore to bearing bores
Interference fit of bearings to bearing bore
Profile of shell

How Block Grinding Slashes Product Quality
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"PRG is an excellent strategic partner with their experienced and professional people. We know we can depend on PRG for high quality work and excellent service. Such a high comfort level is valuable to us."
-- David A. Robinson, Area Maintenance Supervisor -- Paper Mill, Wickliffe Paper Mill, NewPage Corporation
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Featured Case Study:

Boise Papers
The Problem - Prior to working with PRG, Boise was required to change its #2 paper machine calender rolls every two months due to extreme wear. This caused excessive machine downtime — which ultimately affected Boise's bottom line.
PRG's Solution -

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