Tightest Tolerances

Picture one single human hair. Now divide that hair into 100 pieces. One of those pieces has a diameter of about 20 millionths of an inch -- and that's how precisely PRG can grind your rolls.

What do the tightest tolerances in the industry give you? Higher efficiency. Your lines will produce high quality product for a longer period of time, improving your overall margins. You'll also lower your chances of experiencing production issues down the road, which helps your bottom line.

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"PRG is an excellent strategic partner with their experienced and professional people. We know we can depend on PRG for high quality work and excellent service. Such a high comfort level is valuable to us."
-- David A. Robinson, Area Maintenance Supervisor -- Paper Mill, Wickliffe Paper Mill, NewPage Corporation
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Featured Case Study:

JSW Steel
The Problem - When the grinder or lathe goes down, Jindal United Steel Corporation, a division of JSW, must act quickly to avoid excessive downtime in the production area. Prior to engaging PRG, the mill was forced to use a distant supplier who provided a service that barely met mill standards – causing production delays and occasionally even the need to stop the production process.
PRG's Solution -

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