Tightest Tolerances

Picture one single human hair. Now divide that hair into 100 pieces. One of those pieces has a diameter of about 20 millionths of an inch -- and that's how precisely PRG can grind your rolls.

What do the tightest tolerances in the industry give you? Higher efficiency. Your lines will produce high quality product for a longer period of time, improving your overall margins. You'll also lower your chances of experiencing production issues down the road, which helps your bottom line.

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How Block Grinding Slashes Product Quality
The Tightest Roll Tolerances By Industry And How To Achieve Them. Download My Free Tip Sheet


"PRG is an excellent strategic partner with their experienced and professional people. We know we can depend on PRG for high quality work and excellent service. Such a high comfort level is valuable to us."
-- David A. Robinson, Area Maintenance Supervisor -- Paper Mill, Wickliffe Paper Mill, NewPage Corporation
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Featured Case Study:

JSW Steel
The Problem - When the grinder or lathe goes down, Jindal United Steel Corporation, a division of JSW, must act quickly to avoid excessive downtime in the production area. Prior to engaging PRG, the mill was forced to use a distant supplier who provided a service that barely met mill standards – causing production delays and occasionally even the need to stop the production process.
PRG's Solution -

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