24-Point SpecCheck™

When a roll doesn't meet your specifications, it may not be immediately obvious to you. The roll will still work, but sooner or later, it will cause issues with your production process. That's why it's so important to make sure your roll is ground to spec before you use it, and PRG's 24-Point SpecCheck™ does just that.

The SpecCheck™ process puts your roll through 24 quality checkpoints to ensure it meets spec, making it last longer and allowing you to produce a higher quality output for a longer timeframe. We conduct the SpecCheck™ process on every roll that we send you, and we generate documentation of the roll's specifications to show that everything checks out.

Click Here to download an in-depth overview of PRG's 24-Point SpecCheck Process.

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"Consistent, quality grinds, emergency weekend service and remarkably quick turn-around times allow us to avoid unscheduled downtime. PRG has often said to us, 'If we work hard to make ALSCO METALS INCORPORATED's business successful, PRG will be successful as a result'."
-- Randy Lewis, Hot Mill Manager, ALSCO METALS INCORPORATED
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Wausau Coated Products
The Problem - Wausau’s rolls require extremely tight tolerances to withstand elevated temperatures of 350° Fahrenheit. Under these conditions, the typical roll requires replacement after only six months. As a result, excessive downtime affected the mill’s productivity and profitability.
PRG's Solution -

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