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Value Added in Rubber Manufacturing

Posted by Greg Schmidt on Sep 13, 2019 1:55:32 PM

Precision Roll Grinders Inc.

PRG has been the premier cylindrical shaft and roll grinding company in the Western Hemisphere with over half a century in experience.

Your Production Line Could be Saving Money and Time with Increased Quality

Your production line may be experiencing excessive material use, unplanned shutdowns, and even poor quality. Many of these problems could be improved or even avoided with something as simple as a high quality grind for your rolls.

"PRG can grind to tolerances as small as 0.00002 or 20 millionths of an inch"

PRG can significantly increase your material savings.

With the higher tolerances and excellent quality at PRG, your rolls will always be ground to the proper specifications. The results that can be seen in your plant is a far superior rubber sheet profile. This leads to significant savings in material and more of your product falling within your desired specifications.


1/10000 inch may sound unimportant in an industry that creates thousands of feet of product per day in large scale operations. However, the impact on the material savings is tremendous. The model below demonstrates the potential savings that our tolerances can achieve. Even a difference in tolerances of a few ten thousandths of an inch can result in savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Parameter Value
W = Sheet Width (In) 48
S = Sheet Speed (FPM) 130
D = Days/Year in Operation 250
C = Avg. Cost in $ per lb (Mat'l & Labor) 1.5
SG = Specific Gravity of Material 1.2
PPI = Calculated lb/in 0.04332
T = Tolerance w/ Current Grinding Method  (+&- Inches) 0.0004
PRGT = Tolerance w/ PRG Grinding Method (+or- Inches) 0.0002
Estimated Savings per Year  $525,496
Savings = W*(S*12 in/ft)*(D*1440 min/day)*C*PPI*(((T*2)-PRGT)*50%)

At PRG, our dedicated staff is here to help our customers improve their process and product quality with our premium services. We strive to provide the best quality service and customer support available today.

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