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The Real Cost Of Using Worn Rolls In Chocolate Manufacturing

Posted by Richard Reph on Oct 23, 2015 11:59:48 AM

Prevent worn rolls from costing your chocolate process thousands of dollars every week.You’ve heard about the many ways in which worn rolls impact your chocolate process.

You end up with a gritty, out of specification, product that isn’t usable.
You slow production with unexpected downtime.
You’re unable to achieve maximum levels of efficiency.

But, do you know how many dollars you’re actually losing when you fail to protect the quality of your rolls? Here’s your opportunity to see the math behind it all.

Production Loss

If you’re working with worn rolls, you’re at a fundamental disadvantage in terms of productivity. From downtime to a slower production process, you sacrifice a huge amount of money every week when you don’t invest in precision roll grinding

Let’s get specific.

You lose about 10% of your throughput every hour due to poor transfer of ingredients from one roll to another. Because there is an average of 150 production hours in a week, that’s 15 weekly hours of lost production.

Each hour of lost production costs $2,000 in revenue. If you take those 15 lost hours per week and multiply them by $2,000 per hour, you see that $30,000 is attributed to weekly production loss.

Production hours of refiner per week: 150
Lost throughput from poor transfer: 10%
Lost revenue per hour: $2,000
150 hours x 10% lost throughput = 15 lost production hours weekly
15 hours @ $2,000 per hour = $30,000
Total lost due to worn rolls = $30,000 per week

That’s an incredible amount of money to lose to production inefficiencies. The worst part? These inefficiencies are preventable and unnecessary.

Partner with an expert roll grinding service to precisely and regularly grind your rolls, and you’re going to see a significant increase in profitability each week.

Lower Yield

At the end of your chocolate process, you should have a rich, smooth, creamy product – one that’s ready to go to market and that meets your customers’ requirements. But, a defective or out-of-tolerance roll could ruin the product you’re manufacturing

If your roll surfaces aren’t consistent from one end to the other, it’s impossible to achieve a high-quality product. Worse, chocolate with out of specification goes to waste – along with the time, money, energy and labor you invested to manufacture it.

Let’s break down the impact of lost yield on your profits

Lost yield due to worn rolls amounts to approximately 3,000 pounds per week. The cost for every lost pound is about $1. So, when you neglect the state of your rolls, you’re losing about $3,000 weekly.

Lost yield to worn rolls per week: 3,000 lbs.
Cost for every lost pound: $1
3,000 lbs. x $1 per lb. = $3,000
Total scrap cost due to worn rolls = $3,000 per week

These dollars should go back in your pocket. To ensure you’re working at maximum profitability, invest in precision roll grinding to preserve the quality of your rolls.

Higher Energy Costs

Running a chocolate manufacturing plant comes with plenty of costs, not the least of which is your daily energy use. With worn rolls, you’re likely to have an even bigger energy expense.

Again, there are 150 production hours in the average week. If the energy to run a chocolate manufacturing plant amounts to $100 per hour, you’re looking at a typical energy cost of $15,000 per week. When you’re working with worn rolls, that energy bill could increase by as much as 20%.

Energy cost to run refiner per hour: $100
Refiner hours per week: 150
Lost energy cost due to worn rolls: 20%
$100 per hour x 150 hours = $15,000 total energy cost
$15,000 x 20% energy loss = $3,000
Cost for energy lost due to worn rolls = $3,000 per week

Let that sink in: You may be paying $3,000 more per week than you actually have to. If you want to protect your bottom line, it’s imperative to ensure that you’re achieving top energy efficiency. And, that’s only possible if your rolls are precisely ground and regularly maintained.

Interested in seeing how the cost of precision grinding compares to the profitability loss caused by defective rolls? Get a free quote today.

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