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Caution: Don’t Go Back To The OEM For Roll Grinding

Posted by Robert Rourke on Nov 23, 2015 11:04:00 AM

Learn why you shouldn’t put your roll grinding needs in the hands of the OEM.When you have a problem with an appliance in your home, where do you turn? Do you call the manufacturer? Sometimes, it’s instinctual to take your problems to the company that built or sold you the equipment.

Sometimes, though, a specialist provides better service.

This is definitely the case when it comes to your manufacturing rolls. If they’re in need of roll grinding, don’t run to the OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

At first, that may seem like the better option, but your roll was probably not made by the OEM. It was likely provided by an outside company that specializes in roll service and manufacturing. So, whatever you may perceive you’ll save in cost or reliability is likely to hit your bottom line – and then some – in future roll maintenance expenses and product quality issues.

Only a precision roll grinding expert has the experience and means to prolong the life of your rolls and protect your profitability from excessive maintenance costs. Check out these four critical reasons why you should leave your roll maintenance to the precision roll grinding professionals.

Roll Grinding Expertise

If you had a medical issue, wouldn’t you rather see a doctor who specializes in that area of medicine than rely on a general practitioner? Apply the same principle to your roll maintenance needs.

A common misconception is that OEMs are top experts on the equipment they sell, but often, they’re just in the business of assembling the product’s various components. And while they’re often darn good at this process, they don’t have the equipment or expertise with rolls that specialized roll grinders do. The lifespan of your rolls could be cut short if maintenance is conducted by inexperienced hands.

Advanced Roll Grinding Technology

One of the most compelling reasons to shy away from maintenance provided by an OEM is the lack of technology they have compared to precision roll grinders. Because the OEM’s focus is usually on areas other than roll maintenance, they don’t make the same investment in grinding technology that expert grinders do.

Also, quality roll maintenance providers work with the same technology every day, maximizing their familiarity with how it works. With access to and experience using advanced technology, like CNC grinding, only a precision roll grinding expert is going to achieve the tightest tolerances for your rolls.

Decreased Downtime

Mediocre roll maintenance usually equates to downtime. When your rolls aren’t working properly and maintenance is required, your entire production comes to a halt. And if that maintenance isn’t performed properly the first time, you’re looking at even more downtime in the future.

When you work with precision grinding experts, however, you have access to the most modern grinders in the world. They offer outstanding grind quality, and the turnaround on ground rolls is unmatched. Often, the OEM’s equipment doesn’t meet their own specifications – which is why they have roll experts provide the finished product for the new machine in the first place.

Even if an OEM achieves fast turnaround time on your roll grinding, you’re probably not getting quality service or a precise grind. Opt to work with a specialized precision roll grinder if you’re looking for excellent maintenance paired with unmatched turnaround time.

Unbeatable Service

It’s simple. OEMs can’t compete with the same level of service offered by expert roll maintenance providers. Many OEMs don’t even feature the same services, like retracing grooves on press rolls, grinding to the most precise standards possible and delivering quality assurance agreements.

In fact, some roll grinding companies, like PRG, are recognized by OEMs for their roll grinding standards. Where OEMs only provide basic service, expert roll maintenance providers are equipped to provide the highest quality.

Ready to leave the OEM behind and start the process of working with an expert roll maintenance provider? Contact Precision Roll Grinders for a free quote today.

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