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Fight For Your Customers: Demand Precision Grinding

Posted by Robert Rourke on Mar 19, 2015 10:30:00 AM

ScreenShot2015-03-04at1.32.23PMPrecision grinding has always been important to the success of paper manufacturers, but that significance has grown over the years.

Even so, the paper industry hasn’t necessarily been using properly maintained rolls, despite the damage this misstep does to sheet quality and a company’s reputation.

Precision roll grinding has never been more critical, given the heightened demand for high-quality paper and the growing needs in the publishing industry. Low-quality, non-uniform sheets have hampered customers’ business, and these customers are taking action to ensure the quality of their final products.

Fasters Speeds Require Precision Grinding And Perfect Rolls

Increasing machine speeds over the years has helped paper manufacturers produce more, but largely often at the cost of quality – specifically with sheet caliper, finish and sheet variability.

Caliper uniformity is a direct measure of sheet quality, and poorly maintained rolls produce a sheet with inconsistent thickness. This also elevates the risk of finish issues, as well as the risk of sheet breaks during the printing process due to issues such as throw variation.   

Poor roll grinding practices have contributed to the prevalence of this problem. As standards that necessitate precision grinding have intensified over the years, some roll grinding companies have adapted, while others have stuck to outdated ways.

At greater speeds, even the smallest roll defect is magnified – eroding your paper quality more than it would have if your machine were running at its intended design speed. 

Translation: Precision grinding is incredibly important.

Is Your Partner Providing Precision Grinding?

Partnering with a roll grinding company that’s capable of precision grinding is essential to producing a high-quality product. You must ensure that your partner is able to support you in this manner.

In essence, it comes down to 5.5 elements:

1. Technology – Your provider must leverage state-of-the-art technology.

2. Quality Assurance – Your provider must be capable of measuring, providing accurate reports and guaranteeing your roll quality, ensuring that rolls are free from surface inconsistencies and variations.

3. Roll Life – Your provider must have processes and roll grinding practices in place to extend the life of your rolls.

4. Turnaround Time ­­­– In the event of an emergency, your provider must be able to expedite roll services without compromising the quality of your rolls.

5. Precise Roll Specification – Your provider must be able to meet or exceed OEM standards

5.5. Third-Party Verification – Having a provider, with third party verification that their services are industry leading, ensures quality and confidence.

If your partner meets the outlined criteria, their precision grinding capabilities are going to ensure that your rolls are perfect – empowering you with the necessary means to produce a uniform, high-quality product for your customers. 


Learn to ensure supreme sheet quality and consult with the leader in precision roll grinding.

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