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CNC Precision Grinding: What The Heck Is That?

Posted by Robert Rourke on Oct 9, 2014 10:35:00 AM

Screen_Shot_2014-10-08_at_10.41.51_AMThe importance of precision grinding for your operations cannot be overstated. Today is the day you start to comprehend the effect that perfect rolls have on your manufacturing efficiency

So, where to begin?

How about what CNC even stands for: Computer Numerical Control.

Numerical control is the programmatic means by which the functions and motions of a machine tool operate. This automated control comes from a precise program containing coded data. Most numerical control is performed by computers, hence the acronym of CNC. Surprisingly, though, some roll grinding services still use manual control with hand wheels or levers, or mechanical automation with computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs.

CNC is used to control many operations, including the motions of a machine tool and factors such as the speed of a roll. And overall, a CNC grinder is used for both cylindrical and profile grinding to achieve greater precision.

Now, how do CNC systems work?

In modern CNC systems, computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing programs thoroughly automate end-to-end component design. The CAD and CAM programs produce a computer file, which a post processor reads to identify the commands needed to operate a machine tool. This information is then passed to a CNC system and loaded into the machine for production.

Because any particular manufacturing component might require the use of a number of different tools, the typical modern machine combines these into a single system. In other installations, however, a number of different machines are used with an external controller and human or robotic operators that move it from machine to machine.

Both situations are similar in that the manufacturing process is highly automated and ensures that a roll closely matches the original CAD or OEM design. Whether it’s CNC precision grinding or another process, the advantages of computerized control are big.

In our next blog post, PRG outlines the major benefits of CNC precision grinding. Read the CNC post and other roll grinding, repair and maintenance topics on our blog.

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