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3 of the Costliest Risks from Roll Defects in the Medical Coating Field

Posted by Robert Rourke on Mar 15, 2017 8:00:00 AM


The Future of Medical Coatings

Fueled by an awareness of increasing healthcare needs, it’s no surprise that the market for specialty medical coatings is growing. For example, Stratistics MRC reports that transdermal drug delivery systems alone are expected to reach $36.58 billion by 2022.

Perhaps more than any other industry, manufacturing accuracy is critical – both to your healthcare customer and their patient. If your rolls aren’t applying consistent, safe coatings, you could put both customers and patients at risk.

Medical coatings can:

  • Administer beneficial treatments
  • Help protect healthcare workers
  • Reduce the risk of patient infection

Product quality is critical, whether you’re manufacturing transdermal medicinal patches, surgical tape, sterile packaging, hospital air filters, personal protective gear, or simple adhesive bandages.

3 Costly Coating Risks

1. Money Wasted: Consistent application of specialty medical coatings is important to a manufacturer’s bottom line. You’re wasting money if you’re using more coating than you need.

2. Reputation Risked:
According to the National Practitioner Data Bank, 2014 saw a 4.4 percent increase in malpractice payouts, totaling $3.9 billion for the year. These lawsuits weren’t all associated with specialty medical coatings, but the growing trend in litigation is clear.

3. Care Compromised:
Patient care is particularly important in the manufacturing of medicinal patches. If the coating is too thick, not thick enough, or patches are packaged defectively, patient outcomes could suffer.

How High-Quality Coatings Help
As a medical device or supplies manufacturer, both customers and patients trust you to produce a quality product. It’s essential that the products perform as promised. To avoid waste, liability, and potential harm to patients, medical coatings must:

  • Deliver the right dosage (medicinal patches)
  • Maintain proper strength, permeability and adhesion (surgical tape and mesh)
  • Filter properly (air filters)
  • Protect (personal protective gear, gowns and masks)
  • Promote healing (adhesive bandages)

Rolls that are properly ground to precise tolerances have everything to do with a company’s ability to manufacture precisely coated materials. Issues like loss of roundness or poor roll shape will impact the consistency and safety of the final product. 

Succeed with Precision
We’re committed to your company’s success. Let us help you maintain the tight tolerances necessary for medical coatings. A proactive maintenance schedule will ensure your rolls are producing high quality, consistent and effective products.

We have roll experts nationwide who can help assess the condition of your rolls.

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