Top 5 Advantages of Using Coated Rolls

Keeping your production line running smoothly and ensuring the quality of its output are the two biggest factors in maintaining the bottom line of your business. That means servicing your rolls on a regular basis.

What if there was a way to ensure quality output while drastically reducing the frequency of downtime required to replace and maintain your rolls? Two words: roll coating. The time-saving and cost-saving advantages of using a roll-coating option like Roll Armor® from PRG are so extensive that we only have room to summarize the top five for you here.

  1. Increased Hardness -- Coating the surface of your rolls enhances their overall hardness, making them significantly more resistant to general wear, abrasion and barring.
  2. Higher Quality Output -- By creating a smoother, more uniform surface on your gloss calenders, super calenders and Thermo rolls, coating improves the overall quality of the finished sheet long after the uncoated roll would have normally been removed for maintenance. That means reduced roll replacement downtime and less production loss due to deteriorating roll surfaces. What's more, since coated rolls improve output consistency and finish, some papermakers are able to sell higher quality paper grades, which grows the bottom line!
  3. Reduced Grind Frequency -- With coated rolls, maintenance and grind frequency often drops from every few weeks or months to years between grinds. Fewer grinds means less downtime for your production line.
  4. Improved Sheet Profiles -- Customers using coated calender rolls and super calender rolls report improved, longer-lasting sheet profiles. The resulting downtime and quality improvement savings alone far exceed the cost of the coating. When you factor in the improved consistency of the sheet and brand, these savings increase dramatically. The same is true for coated wire return and breast rolls; reductions in localized overall fabric wear translate into improved moisture and basis weight profiles.
  5. Elimination of Wet End Roll Changes -- Since doctoring of coated rolls on the wet end of the paper machine results in little to no surface degradation, coated rolls run and run with virtually no cover wear. What's more, bearings can be serviced in place, freeing up costly crane and maintenance time for years to come.

To learn more about how Precision Roll Grinders helps you extend the surface life of your rolls, improving quality control and reducing production line downtime, click here.

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"PRG is an excellent strategic partner with their experienced and professional people. We know we can depend on PRG for high quality work and excellent service. Such a high comfort level is valuable to us."
-- David A. Robinson, Area Maintenance Supervisor -- Paper Mill, Wickliffe Paper Mill, NewPage Corporation
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The Problem - Prior to working with PRG, Boise was required to change its #2 paper machine calender rolls every two months due to extreme wear. This caused excessive machine downtime — which ultimately affected Boise's bottom line.
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