Precision Grinding Enhances Quality, Lifetime And Efficiency

Roll Coating: Paper, Film & Foil Converters

Properly ground rolls are crucial to 1) coating quality and 2) your productivity and cost objectives. While the coating processes are numerous, it all comes down to a few basic goals in each of these areas:

  1. Coating Quality
    • Coating weight uniformity
    • Repeatable and accurate coating thickness
  2. Productivity & Cost
    • Line speed
    • Yield
    • Lower material usage

The accuracy of your roll grinds determines your ability to achieve coating weight and thickness objectives. Additionally, precise grinds lead to increased line speeds, reduced downtime, higher yields and lower material usage.

That’s why Precision Roll Grinders considers lower process costs and precision grinding services to be two sides of the same coin. With industry-leading grinding from PRG, your long-term manufacturing costs decline because the quality and life span of your rolls are considerably enhanced.

In fact, the accuracy of PRG’s roll grinding is sure to become a key factor in your Six Sigma improvement efforts.

PRG is recognized as having the best roll grinding technology, expertise and resources available, PRG ensures world-class levels of precision in surface finish, roundness, TIR and profile.

Measuring and reporting the proper dimensions:

After grinding, many roll reports show “radius based measurements.” This has a detrimental effect to the accuracy of your specifications because the radius based measurements make the roll data look much better than it really is. PRG’s measurements are made based on the diameter, not the radius, of the roll.

Tightest tolerances in the industry:

Achieving tolerances of 20 millionths of an inch (0.00002”).

Top-quality substrates:

You spent a lot of money on your substrates, so you better make sure they were made with properly ground rolls.

The quality of the substrate, whether paper, film or metal foils, directly impacts coating quality, cost and productivity. Key variables include the following:

  • Uniform substrate thickness (MD and CD)
  • Flatness of substrate
  • Surface finish of substrate
  • Quality of substrate roll: straight edges; no telescoping

Our experience comes through in the precision of your rolls.

Browse through our case studies to see how PRG has helped companies like yours lower their costs and boost both quality and productivity.

To learn more about how Precision Roll Grinders performs comprehensive small roll grinding services for the paper, film and foil converter industries, visit PRG online.

How Block Grinding Slashes Product Quality
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"Consistent, quality grinds, emergency weekend service and remarkably quick turn-around times allow us to avoid unscheduled downtime. PRG has often said to us, 'If we work hard to make ALSCO METALS INCORPORATED's business successful, PRG will be successful as a result'."
-- Randy Lewis, Hot Mill Manager, ALSCO METALS INCORPORATED
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