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Higher quality. Better consistency. That’s how you maximize your profits in your ink mill. The roll grinding experts at PRG have helped manufacturing facilities across the nation grind every bit of pigment.

PRG is a single-source provider specializing in the refurbishment and upgrade of ink mills, (including three roll mills which require precision support for compliance, productivity and safety) for leading manufacturers throughout North America.


Refurbishment Promotes Safety And Compliance

PRG provides service and parts for all makes and models of three roll mills. The benefits are many. Let's start with safety.

PRG can upgrade to the latest ANSI Standards and implement ANSI compliance solutions:

  • Emergency/control switches
  • Dynamic braking modes
  • Procedural Updates and “Best Practices”


Refurbishment Saves Money

PRG’s rebuild process for ink mills is simple: We will save you money through the repair, refurbishment and updating your current mill. Our goal is to both optimize ink production quality and also increase the value of your equipment.

PRG provides the following turnkey services:

  • Regrinding and Resurfacing Rolls
  • Comprehensive Cleaning and Painting
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Descaling Roll Interiors
  • The Rebuild and/or Replacement of Faulty Rolls and Journal Heads
  • The Manufacture and Install of New Cooling Systems
  • The Overhaul of the Hydraulic System

When service is complete, PRG invites you to all testing sessions. In addition, a full inspection report will detail work.


Before Service:

Ink Page - Buhler 1200 Before 2.jpg

After PRG Service:

Ink Page - Buhler 1200 After.jpg


The result? Benefits that meet or exceed OEM specifications:

  • Increased run time of rolls
  • Removal of roll corrugations and defects
  • Control surface finish to minimize start up time
  • Reduced bearing failures
  • Energy savings
  • Complete hardness mapping of roll face available
  • Reestablish end relief for proper operation
  • Uniform surface finish using grinding wheel, not blasted
  • Rolls are installed in “ready to run” condition

PRG offers emergency service, as well as fabrication and grinding services, for spare or new replacement rolls to reduce downtime due to scheduled maintenance or unplanned equipment failure:

  • It generally takes less time to change out rolls than grind them in-place
  • Allows for scheduled change outs versus emergency repairs


PRG’s service begins with a consultation at your facility. If you experience any of the following issues with your Ink Mill Facility, give us a call. The consultation is absolutely free.

  • I’m seeing poor quality grinds for my ink mill. Can you help?
  • I have excessive product in the base pan. How can I reduce or eliminate waste?
  • I noticed an increase in number of passes required. How can I increase efficiency?
  • My rolls and my product are overheating. It’s causing serious quality control problems.
  • Can you help my facility with ANSI safety requirements?


Call today to speak to the experts at Precision Roll Grinding.

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