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The forest products industry is overgrown with issues for which mills have little control. Changing tax laws and legislation, tariffs, supply and demand all affect your business’s bottom line. Regain control of changing costs by taking charge of production processes in your lumber, flooring or roofing product mills – beginning with your rolls!


When your Sander Tension Rolls, Sander Guide Rolls and Sander Pressure Rolls are round, free of chatter, and working at - or better than - OEM specifications, your mill will experience consistent and accurate results in many ways:

  • Improved product quality
  • Very uniform product thickness due free of sander roll defects
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Reduced downtime due to unplanned maintenance and catastrophic equipment failure
  • Reduced waste and energy consumption


Four Keys to Roll Optimization

If your rolls are out of specification, you’re bound to have performance problems. Your equipment will not run as fast and will, in time, cause inconsistencies throughout your product. PRG’s service incudes adjustments to all four critical aspects of roll optimization:

  • Balance –PRG’s Dynamic Balancing Machine enables the precise simulation of your plant’s operating conditions, allowing for perfect synchronization between rolls, rotors and drums.
  • Tolerance – Plywood, veneer and other products require precision with no variation in thickness. Tight tolerances are the key to greater uniformity across your product line.
  • Roll Profile – Roundness prevents the most common roll defects – namely barring, feedlines and chatter. Even slight roll inconsistencies produce defects at high speeds.
  • Bearing Life Improvement – Regular inspection of both bearings and bearing seats will ensure concentricity to the roll face.


PRG guarantees your rolls will be in spec. If It’s Not in Spec, Don’t Send us a Check! PRG’s maintenance includes:

  • Ensuring rolls are round and concentric with profiles in specification in all 360 degrees around the roll
  • Removal of roll defects
  • Complete inspection of housing and bearings
  • Correction of bearing and journal fit so that rolls run to full bearing life
  • Detailed cleaning and painting of housing
  • Match set requirements for the diameter of drive roll pairs


Partner With The Best

PRG’s service begins with a consultation at your facility. If you experience any of the following issues with your production facility, give us a call. The consultation is absolutely free.

  • How do I eliminate caliper variation in my veneer?
  • I need a matched set of drive rolls. Can PRG exactly match the diameters for pairs of drive rolls?
  • How do we extend the life of our rolls?
  • My rolls have recessed bearings that require fit corrections. Can PRG do this?
  • Who can assess premature bearing failure in a sander guide roll?
  • Vibrations in my mill’s rolls are causing issues with product quality. Can you help?
  • What is the best way to balance our rolls?
  • Can PRG reconfigure journals and upgrade bearings in my sander rolls?
  • How do we produce the best plywood or flakeboard panels possible?


Call today to speak to the experts at Precision Roll Grinding.

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