Flaking and Crush Mill Industry

Flaking Mills

Ever since the Kellogg brothers began manufacturing cornflakes in the 1890’s, flaked cereals have ranked among the world’s favorite breakfast foods. Precision Roll Grinders has worked with industry leaders to keep your flaking mill rolls producing product for the most important meal of the day.

Crush Mills

More product from less raw material… That’s how you maximize your profits in your crush mill enterprise. The roll grinding experts at PRG have helped manufacturing facilities across the nation and the world squeeze every ounce from every extraction.

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In-Place (Block Grinding) vs. True Roll Grinding

PRG is a world leader in its ability to produce precise, round rolls. For flaking mills and crush mills, true roll grinding is better than in-place roll grinding. In-place (block) grinding is done in bearings on the mill, which does not produce rolls that meet specification. If something is off on one side or anywhere on the roll, the roll can’t possibly attain proper shape, roundness and TIR. With PRG, all roll grinding is done at our facilities on the most modern and accurate grinders in the world with a proven process that’s guided by computer data. Bearings and housings are removed to guarantee a perfectly round roll in a temperature-controlled facility. In addition, all rolls are measured using a 24-point SpecCheck™. PRG never blindly assumes bearings are working properly and that the journals are without issues, such as chatter or lack of roundness.

The result? Benefits that meet or exceed OEM specifications:

  • Increased run time of rolls
  • Removal of roll corrugations and defects
  • Control surface finish to minimize start up time
  • Reduced bearing failures
  • Energy savings
  • Complete hardness mapping of roll face available
  • Reestablish end relief for proper operation
  • Uniform surface finish using grinding wheel, not blasted
  • Rolls are installed in “ready to run” condition


Precision roll grinding and service allows for maintenance to the internal cooling mechanisms, housing and bearings, which provide the following benefits:

  • Uniform roll cooling
  • Increased run time of rolls
  • Increased oil extraction yields (crush mills)
  • Allows complete inspection of housing and bearings
  • Reduces or eliminates down time for bearing repair
  • Detailed cleaning and painting of housings


PRG offers emergency service, as well as fabrication and grinding services, for spare or new replacement rolls to reduce downtime due to scheduled maintenance or unplanned equipment failure:

  • It generally takes less time to change out rolls than grind them in-place
  • Allows for scheduled change outs versus emergency repairs


PRG’s service begins with a consultation at your facility. If you experience any of the following issues with your Flaking or Crush Mill Facility, give us a call. The consultation is absolutely free.

 Common Flaking Mill Issues  Common Crush Mill Issues
  • How do I stop ribbons from happening?
  • How do I get uniform flakes?
  • How do I reduce hot spots?
  • How do I minimize waste from my flaking mills?
  • How do I increase my yield from the flaking mill?
  • How do I maximize my oil yield?
  • How do I reduce down time on my crush mills?
  • How do I maximize throughput from my crush mill?


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