Cement Industry and Trunnion Assembly

Even large-scale components built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty industrial processes need occasional maintenance. PRG’s roll grinding experts are here to keep even the largest trunnion assemblies working properly. Why replace expensive parts that only need repair?

Our team handles repairs to:

  • Mounts
  • Bearings
  • Arms
  • Shafts
  • Lugs, pipes, rings and seals


Regardless the size of your machinery, PRG handles even the largest trunnion assemblies for lime kilns, cement plants, paper mills or other heavy-duty industrial processes. Our physical capabilities are among the best in the nation.




2” to 144” (50mm to 3,660 mm)

66” over carriage (1,680 mm over carriage)

78.7” over ways (2,000 mm over ways)


Up to 600” (15,240 mm)

Up to 840” (21,336 mm)


Up to 240,000 lbs. (109,091 kg)

Up to 200,000 lbs. (90,910 kg)


PRG Services

  • Flat spot damage resulting from a bearing lock-up while a kiln continues to turn
  • Chatter marks to eliminated additional chatter transfer to a larger drum ring
  • Damaged bearing seats and seal areas
  • Journal gouges common following torch removal of bearing inner races
  • Bearing fits for setups involving inner races
  • Restore journals to allow new bearing sleeves for sleeve style bearings


Due to the rare incidence of trunnion repair, most facilities have only one spare trunnion to cover all positions in your manufacturing process. A proactive approach to maintenance can eliminate costly downtime. Don’t let catastrophic equipment failure event put a stop to “business as usual!” PRG has locations around the country to best serve your plant’s needs.

PRG Locations Map.jpg

Let us work with your plant to:

  • Create a maintenance plan that works around your schedule
  • Guarantee faster, easier emergency repair in the event of unplanned downtime
  • Work with your Operations Managers and Maintenance Supervisors to identify any possible areas of concern


PRG offers emergency service as well as fabrication and grinding services, for spare or new replacement trunnion assemblies to reduce downtime due to scheduled maintenance or unplanned equipment failure.


PRG’s service begins with a consultation at your facility. If you experience any of the following issues with your Trunnion Assembly, give us a call. The consultation is absolutely free.

  • What are the costs for replacing a trunnion assembly? Can a trunnion assembly be repaired?
  • I’m seeing flat spot damage resulting from a bearing lock-up while a kiln continues to turn.
  • Will chatter marks cause additional chatter transfer to a larger drum ring?
  • Damaged bearing seats and seals areas are causing issues within the assembly.
  • I’m getting journal gouges following torch removal of bearing inner races.


Call today to speak to the experts at Precision Roll Grinding.

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